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Royal Umbrella

Produced in Thailand, Royal Umbrella Fragrant Rice is made from premium quality jasmine rice that is guaranteed to be of 100% purity. The grains are carefully selected from the best rice fields with advanced technology and processed under stringent procedures to ensure the highest standards.

What makes Royal Umbrella special is that it requires only one rinse—a characteristic made possible by the production processes, which ensure that the rice is kept so white and clean that just one rinse is needed before cooking.

Royal Umbrella rice remains a favourite among Singaporeans with its deep aroma, soft and fluffy texture, and this heart-warming taste of wholesome goodness has been bringing families together for the past 21 years. It is no wonder that Royal Umbrella has been awarded the annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Award for the rice category from 2004 to 2012.


Golden Peony

To leverage on the expertise in the rice market following the success of Royal Umbrella Fragrant Rice, Topseller launched the Golden Peony Fragrant Rice. Made 100% from pure Thai Hom Mali Rice, Golden Peony has earned itself many loyal customers for the past 20 years.

Also available under the Golden Peony brand umbrella is the Golden Peony Jasmine Brown Rice, made from 100% pure Jasmine Brown Rice. Unmilled and unpolished, brown rice contains more nutrients and fibre than normal white rice. Its mild nutty flavour makes it a favourite among health-conscious consumers, both young and old.



The Harmuni brand was first established in the market by Topseller, with the introduction of Harmuni Beras Wangi (Harmuni Fragrant Rice) imported from Thailand. It is milled and processed with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Using Thai Hom Mali Rice, Harmuni Beras Wangi is well loved by Malay consumers for its unique aroma and soft texture.

Deep-frying has always been associated with Asian cooking. Using 100% high quality Palm Olein, deep-frying is now healthier with Harmuni Vegetable Oil! Naturally free of cholesterol, it enhances and brings out the flavour of deep-fried dishes to suit Asians’ taste buds.



Gitangkim Thai Superior Rice was first introduced into the market. Positioned as a value-for-money option for consumers, Gitangkim Thai Superior Rice has earned itself many loyal customers over the years.




Okome is premium shortgrain rice cultivated in the United States. Okome Shortgrain Rice, celebrated for its succulent and soft texture, can be used to prepare a delectable array of dishes of many cuisines—from Japanese to Korean to Taiwanese. For those who are unsure of how to cook shortgrain rice, we are here to help: find out the recommended way of cooking Okome Shortgrain Rice here.

Topseller also offers short grain rice and calrose rice from US, with pack sizes of 50lbs and 30kg. Our customers for this range of rice come from various food establishments, such as food courts and Japanese and Korean restaurants.



Golden Circle

Golden Circle has a long history, with the introduction of its flagship product, Golden Circle Corn Oil. Over the past two decades, catching on changing consumer trends, Golden Circle has launched a variety of healthy cooking oils, such as the Golden Circle Sunflower Oil and Golden Circle Canola Oil. Having attained the Healthier Choice certification from the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, Golden Circle contains zero cholesterol and is free from trans-fat to give health-conscious consumers a healthier cooking choice!

A new member of the Golden Circle family is the Vegetable Oil. Using 100% super refined high quality Palm Olein, Golden Circle Vegetable Oil is naturally free from cholesterol, an ideal healthier choice for deep frying and crispy dishes.



Soyalite Soyabean Oil was first introduced in Singapore in 1988. Made 100% from pure soya beans, it contains no cholesterol and is enriched with polyunsaturates. Soya is one of the oldest and most nutritious foods in the world, has high protein content, and is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Add valuable extra nutrition to your cooking as Soyalite also contains Omega-3, giving you more health benefits. It is so light that it brings out the full natural flavour of food. Soyalite does not leave an oily aftertaste and is suitable for stir frying, deep frying and even as a light salad dressing.


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